Bumble Bees Venture Capital

Vancouver - Calgary - Toronto

How to partner with us

The most effective way to connect with us is through someone that we know and trust. If someone you know can vouch for you and your team along with your experience and previous market success you’re well ahead of any blind pitch. While we do accept email pitches, the above will get our interest much quicker.

Thesis Statement 

One of the best speech tips from Aristotle, “Tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, remind them what you told them”.

Use the thesis statement to tell us what you’re going to tell us. If done well this will excite us to read on...

How will you save the world?

All joking aside we need to know what problem you’re solving. At Bumble Bees we’re not looking for minor improvements to existing problems. To quote Peter Thiel, “Businesses succeed better when they differentiate rather than compete.” We’re looking for companies that are creating their own market.

Your pitch needs to lead with a working product

The barrier to entry in creating a functioning prototype or better yet a product with actual users is very low. At Bumble Bees we aren’t interested in looking at companies that don’t have a MVP (Minimum viable product). Your company must have proven revenue already.

Ideas aren’t a dime a dozen they are literally worthless, it’s all about execution!! If we had a nickel for every time someone said they thought of Facebook before Facebook…

No NDA’s

First off they are nearly impossible to enforce, second and most importantly if your idea absolutely requires the signing of an NDA experience tells us it’s probably a bad idea. We see a lot of deals and frankly your idea may be something we’ve heard of before. The only thing we care about is execution and as such never sign NDA’s